Insight Calendar Close-up

By moving the mouse cursor over any day, a keyword interpretation is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The interpretation is based on the current astrological influences for that day in relation to the user-selected
item, such as "Dating".

On the screen, April 7, 2005 shows a strong green day
and New Moon i
n the middle of a long green-day period, indicating an easy approach or laid-back attitude
towards dating.

Placing the cursor on April 7th displays the keyword interpretation below, "Easy-going, laid-back attitude..."
and shows that the influence is Moderate.

This astrological insight suggests that J. Smith would
find dating easier and more enjoyable at this time
and potentially more successful, or less stressful if
the date didn't work out as expected.

Knowing Our Inner Weather

We all prefer to be outdoors during good weather and indoors during bad weather. Like the weather forecast, the Insight
Calendar shows us what our "inner weather" is on any day for whatever we choose to do, so we can plan accordingly.


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