The FIRST astrology calendar of its kind
that shows the BEST days for 
 YOU want to do! 

The Insight Calendar is astrology software
which tells you when it’s best for important meetings, dates, love, shopping, travel, fun
and much more.

With hundreds of items to choose from, simply click on one, and the best days are shown in green. It’s simple and easy to use. 

How Does it Work?

The Insight Calendar determines the best days using advanced astrological methods based on your date and time of birth.

Unlike horoscopes which offer only twelve different forecasts for the world’s population
of 6 billion, this astrology calendar gives unique forecasts for each person based on individual needs.

It’s powerful astrology translated into simple color!

The Traffic Light of Astrology

The Insight Calendar does not require much reading
or knowledge of astrology, although astrological data,
charts and wheels are available.

At the easiest level, all that is needed is an item and
month, and a quick glance to see which days are green.
If you act on a green day, you can be assured of greater
ease and success in getting what you want!

A green day means Go. A red day means Stop, and think
about it. If you know how to use a traffic light, you know
how to use this program!