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AstroDienst: Best site for Past Daylight Saving Time, City Latitude & Longitude, and Online Chart Calculation.
AstroDienst: www.astro.com - Excellent source for city latitudes and longitudes. This is the only
site that offers precise Timezone and DST data for any city and country in past years.

Tips on how to use the Atlas for Insight Calendar.
Webexhibits Daylight Savings Time: Excellent site for Info, Online DST calculation, Laws & Exceptions.
Webexhibits Daylight Savings Time: www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving - Excellent History background info, online DST calculation (1976-) and chronological account of DST irregularities,
illustrated in academic style.
World Time Zone Com: Good site for Worldwide Daylight Saving Time Changes & Related Info.
World Time Zone com: www.worldtimezone.com/daylight.htm - Good current info
with time zone map and current Daylight Saving Time periods worldwide.
Global Gazetteer: Excellent site with Satelite Imagery for City Latitudes & Longitudes.

Global Gazetteer: www.fallingrain.com/world - This site provides enormous lists of precise latitudes
and longitudes for cities, towns and small villages. Non-graphical site but delivers. If you're looking
for that obscure village in the Himalayas that no other atlas shows, then welcome to the Shangri-la
of online place-finders.

The World Gazetteer: Good Site for Major City Latitudes and Longitudes.
The World Gazetteer: www.world-gazetteer.com - Another site that provides latitude and longitude data for major cities and towns in the world, along with maps.
Zodiacal Zephyr: Source for major city latitudes and longitudes.
Zodiacal Atlas: www.zodiacal.com/tools/atlas.htm - This site provides latitude and longitude data
for major cities in the world - bookmarked page can be useful for quick online look-up.

Contact: Rus Logush at:  rlogush@astroscan.ca
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